Thesis: Compare and Contrast the Articles of the Confederation

Sample Thesis Paper

The discovery of American soil was a great boon to the Europeans at the time. They saw the land they had discovered as an opportunity to escape political and religious persecution from the English monarchy. The eventual French and Indian Wars in the mid 1750s followed by the beginning of the American Revolutionary War in 1775 with a proclamation from the crown regarding Congress as traitors in rebellion increased the necessity for the colonies to co-operate together. The articles were presented by congress in 1777. The eventual amendment of this constitution turned into a complete rewrite. Thus the constitution was ratified in Philadelphia on September 17th, 1787. This topic will compare and contrast the articles of the federation and the constitution.

At the time of colonial development there were 3 ways in which colonies were formed. They were usually described as proprietary, royal or charter. The English had very little influence in governmental decisions. Each colony with the exception of Georgia was considered to be companies and its people shareholders. Full governmental authority was vested in each colony with the English monarch retaining absolute rule. The first charter of Virginia provided freedoms to all the English colonists living there to enjoy the benefits of their new found freedom as if they were born there. The pilgrim aboard the mayflower also created their own charter which granted them freedom from religious persecution from any governing body.

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