Thesis: Compare and Contrast Essay

Christopher Colombus and Bartolome de las Casas are significant historical figures who contribution to the American history cannot be assumed. Columbus and de las Casas came from different states and have both similarities and differences. Both were Spaniards. Columbus was born at Genoa, whereas de las Casas was born at Seville. Both travelled throughout the world and their travel, and there actions had some similarities and differences. This essay focuses on the similarities and differences between the characters of de las Casas and Colombus. In addition, it evaluates their individual character and reasons for writings.

Both, Colombus and de las Colombus, travelled vastly throughout the world. Columbus made four fantastic voyages across the Atlantic. Through the voyages, he came to establish at a lasting effect of the Spaniards in American. Further, the voyages guaranteed the Europeans to become aware of the American Continents. Columbus initiative played a critical role in the European colonization of the Americans Continent. During that period, America was referred to as ‘New World’.

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