Thesis: Compare and Contrast Two Protagonists

The Fences is a short play by August Wilson revolving around a physical fence that has to be build to guarantee love in Troy’s family. Troy is cheating on his wife, Rose, and, it is as if she is suspecting it and thinks that the fence can protect their love.  On the other hand, Oedipus the King is a short play by Sophocles about the plague affecting the Thebans. In both plays, there are problems directly affecting the protagonists. Just as, there is a need of a physical fence in the Fences to solve the problem of love that is about to be lost, there is also need of a solution in Oedipus the King to save the Thebans from the plague that is killing the citizens.

The protagonists from both stories are the main cause of the problems in the plays. Rose feels insecure as she suspects that his husband, Troy is cheating on him, and, this is the reason she requests for a physical fence to be built. The same applies to Oedipus who has unknowingly killed his father and gotten married to his mother, his father’s wife. This is the cause of the plague killing the citizens.

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