Thesis: Competitive Landscape of Harley Davidson

Sample Thesis Paper

The competitive landscape is one that is influenced considerably by companies providing replacement parts for cars, motorcycles and other automotive vehicles. While small companies also influence the competitive landscape through innovation in specific parts high in market demand (Hoover’s, Inc., 2010). While such companies do not manage to take away any extensive share from Harley Davidson’s market, such small companies and the likes of those discussed above serve to divert attention through positions as low cost alternatives that appeal to light weight sports bikes.

Companies such as Suzuki offer Harley Davidson considerable competition through the fact that while Harley Davidson excels in specialty products, Suzuki functions like the Wal-Mart of the global automotive industry.

In realistic terms, Harley Davidson is poised in its competitive landscape with little more than the brand image that portrays Harley Davidson motorbikes as legendary and refers to them as hogs.

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