Thesis: Competitive Rivalry of Bestway Cash & Carry

Sample Thesis Paper

As a combined result of the threat of substitute products, the threat of entry of new competitors, the threat of the bargaining power of customers and the bargaining power of suppliers, the intensity of competitive rivalry can be concluded to be quite high in nature. Bestway Cash & Carry is not only under continuous threat from its current competition but is also in a consistently vulnerable position with regard to suppliers and consumers.

One of the primary competitors is AF Blakemore and Son Ltd., which is based in Willenhall, England and is present in England and Wales. It functions through approximately ten wholesale outlets and its origins date back to 1917 (Hoover’s, Inc. 2009). Its clientele constitutes over 700 SPAR stores and functions primarily through subsidiaries which reach numbers over 200.

Another direct competitor in the industry is the Booker Group (Corporate Information 2009). With over 170 outlets across the UK, the Booker Group serves countless customers and distributes over twenty thousand products.

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