Thesis: Competitive Situation for Colgate Palmolive

Sample Thesis Paper

Main competitors

The main competitors of the product shall be the few chewing gums in the market which claim that their chewing gums are sugar free and are therefore not harmful to health. The chewing mint may also face competition from the dental care industry in the future if consumers adopt is as a substitute to toothpaste.

The competitive landscape for the product line expansion

The product shall be sold as an over the counter product. It is essential to note that the product will not be sold as a medicine and will not be marketed as a drug either. This way, the product will be able to avoid getting caught in a position where it can possibly face the immense competition from the confectionary industry or the intense competition from the dental care industry.

Factors to which competition is sensitive

The competitive landscape for this product shall be more sensitive to innovation in the field of dental care than it will be to developments in the confectionary industry. This is because of the fact that the product shall continue to depict a brand image that is meant to assist children in eating more candy. For instance, it can the mint can be marketed to be the one mint that nobody can say no to and in which the character is able to consumer more candy on account of the benefits of consuming the mint.

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