Thesis: Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Sample Thesis Paper

With the introduction of complementary and alternative medicine into the public mindset, there have been many sociological implications which have come into being. Giving consideration to these implications has shown how the adoption of such therapies is part of a greater movement of individuals towards a more modern social change. It can be acknowledged as a new movement within the public consciousness to allow a greater number of people access and credence to a whole new set of ideas. It may also show those same individuals becoming better versed within the field of complementary and alternative medicine. Whether the subject matter gives consideration to herbalists or healers in favour of physicians, the main factor governing its newfound popularity is its exclusion from the field of health care.

It is perhaps due to this exclusion that complementary and alternative medications can be seen by patients from three perspectives. The first perspective is that complementary and alternative medications are natural thus allowing the body to heal itself naturally. The second perspective refers to CAM medications having a longer connection to the tradition of healing than the practice of medicine itself. Another perspective is the viewpoint that contemporary and alternative therapies are holistic. The belief is that the use of such medications allows the body to heal not only physically but also in terms of mind, body and soul. Yet another perspective regards the use of energy in CAM, with practitioners using the flow of natural energy in the body and removing blockages in order to heal individuals (Lee-Treweek & Heller, 2005).

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