Thesis: What are Compulsions

Sample Thesis Paper

The DSM IV criterion defines compulsions by two definitions. The first definition defines it as individual performing repetitive behaviors’ because he feels compelled to do so in response to an obsession or to follow certain rules applied to him quite thoroughly. The second definition is where the repetitive behaviors or thoughts are intended to alleviate anxiety or to stave off a frightening event. There is no realistic connection between these actions and the frightening event and these actions are not designed in any way to prevent or neutralize this event (American Psychiatric Association, 2000).

The individual recognizes that these obsessions and compulsions are not logically sound; this may not be true though in the case of children. These obsessions of compulsion can cause anxiety within an individual and can also take up the person’s time up to or more than an hour a day. Thus, they interfere with the individual’s everyday routine, academics, occupations or even social interactions or conduct. As mentioned above this disorder can have an association with another AXIS 1 disorder. Thus, when such an event occurs, the target of obsessions or compulsions is not restricted to that disorder. An example of this may be being obsessed with food in the case of an eating disorder or perhaps hair pulling in the attendance of Trichotillomania. There may also be an obsession with drugs in substance abuse disorder or with illnesses in Hypochondriases or with sexual actions or fantasies in the case of Paraphilia and others. However, the original obsession or compulsion is not caused by any drugs, medication or even a previous medical condition (American Psychiatric Association, 2000).

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