Thesis: Computer Games

In the modern world, the term “computer technology” has generated spirited debates raging from professional to domestic. Previously, the world was preoccupied with the negative social economic challenges believed to be brought by computing. Today, the arguments have shifted from professional stage to the domestic arena. Parents are conspicuously engaged in the battle against gamming with their children.

For some reasons, parents have right to engage in arguments for or against computer games. In fact, some parents believe that denying computer games for children will avail more learning time for children. Other parents believe that computer games is a game like any other game, and as far as children are guided on how to use them appropriately they have a wide range of benefits.

Psychologist believes that computer game plays a crucial role in the development of psychomotor skills in children (Kotkin 2003). However, when children play computer games do they build their intellectual capacity? What is the psychological view about development of intellectual capacity?

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