Thesis: Computer Problems

Sample Thesis Paper

Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of user forum based websites. This increase has reached levels where this genre is now referred to as a cottage industry. This paper presents the relevance and nature of these websites in the perspective of a personal experience.

I was continuously experiencing a difficulty with hard disk detection by a number of software setups. These also included the Windows XP setup. Upon placing the installation into the CD tray, the setup would self-execute and when the setup would perform the automated system evaluation to determine whether or not the system specifications were up to mark with the software requirements, it would conclude the processing by displaying a message stating that no hard disk could be detected. I attributed it the problem to a corruption in the setup software in the beginning, but I soon noticed that the problem was recurring more frequently. The problem became evident when upon trying to install software from a tried and tested CD, I was greeted by the same message once more. It was at this point that I realized that the problem was not with the setup programs, but possibly lay in my own system.

In order to obtain help, I decided to use some of the many internet based websites that offer free advice along with tips on tricks on how to achieve optimal performance. These websites more than often utilize user forums to generate their database of free advice which remains open to all the members of the website who wish to take advantage of the information or add to the information by joining the forum.

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