Thesis: From Concept to Application

Sample Thesis Paper

A study of this article allowed the situation to be perceived in light of the study that had been performed that encompassed the members of the American Medical Organization. The article was extremely productive to the literature review since it allowed for an understanding to be developed regarding the role that the financial and scientific positions of the physicians have to play in their decision of not becoming part of the inquiries conducted. In this analysis, a frame of reference was derived based upon which the research was conducted and the sample was collected.

However, not all the research articles used in the literature review for this paper and later incorporated served their purpose to the extent desired. There were a few that served to leave certain deficiency in certain areas. One such element was found in: From Concept to Application: The Impact of a Community-Wide Intervention to Improve the Delivery of Preventive Services to Children, by Peter A. Margolis, Rachel Stevens, W. Clayton Bordley, Jayne Stuart, Christina Harlan, Lynette Keyes-Elstein, and Steve Wisseh (Margolis, et al., 2001). The article was extremely informative but did not appear to cover all the relevant areas when compared to the other pieces of literature that were brought into analysis in this paper.

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