Thesis: The Concept of Consciousness

Sample Thesis Paper

He gives two main arguments for this. He says that the inclusion of only physically leaves out the possibility of having a first person experience. And in order to prove it he gives his strongest argument. He says that in a world where zombies exist of us. He says that the link between the qualia of an individual in terms of consciousness and his physical body is made due to information. He speculates that in this example this notion does not exist proving his theory.

He does not argue for the existence of the soul of individuals, nor does he refer to it. Rather he merely accepts the fact that property dualism exists in this world. He says that the existence of the physical and irreducible phenomenal properties is fundamentally possible. Additionally, he says that the existence of phenomenal properties is dependent upon the laws which govern the organization of physical systems. He says that such organized systems are fundamentally made to give rise to consciousness and gives the example of an artificial intelligence to cite his example.

However when we consider that Chalmers wrote this book in order to explain the link between the conscious mind and the biology of various human systems, it is evident he does not reach his goals. He does not offer anything valid or conclusive in his arguments rather he simply give hypothetical situations to supplement his theories. He does not link the real world biological aspects of the brain with consciousness, just that fundamental organizations give rise to consciousness. Perhaps the greatest argument against his theories is that just because they are conceivable in the physical world does not mean they are true. That if a person considers an animal to be untrue due to what they witness and science proves them wrong his argument still stands. He says this is because the aspects of life are different from consciousness since life is a functional concept.

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