Thesis: Concept of Determinism

Sample Thesis Paper

It is difficult to know not only why human beings see themselves as being affected by determinism or free from it. It has been suggested that perhaps it is our own self-consciousness that makes it possible for us to consciously know if we are making decisions. Self consciousness does not free us from the concept of determinism, if an individual has to be conscious of his actions in the case of determinism this awareness would exist regardless of the will of the individual. Perhaps it is easier for individuals to consider the concept of free will due to the fact that a choice is available to them in all their decisions that are not available to those who are not self conscious.

That issues of moral responsibility are not contingent upon the choices that people make, that concepts of alternative possibilities do exist in individuals lives and that they have the power to change their lives and that whatever the factors determinism bring in their lives the influence of determinism does not affect the free will of the individual. At the end of the day the casual chain of nature that extends back thousands of years will continue to be an important factor in our lives. That within the random and incalculable events in this world we are still the ones who can decide our own lives and our own destinies (Information Philosopher, 2008). Without the existence of determinism the objective and benefits of these arguments will simply be for naught. At the end of the day not only is compatibilism a solution to the problem of free will, it is also one of the most elegant solutions for the application of free will to determinism.

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