Thesis: Concept of an Organic Democracy

Sample Thesis Paper

John Dewey and Henry David Thoreau were two other great thinkers. John Dewey believed in the concept of an organic democracy. Dewey believed that democracy as a way of life and government were quite closely related. He said that any idea in order to succeed at its best must encompass the needs of all institutions, government and families. He believed that a good democracy was the result of proper communications between human being (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy).

While David Thoreau believed that the true philosophy of man stood in the understanding of nature. This understanding was slowly being destroyed by the needs of the material world. He said that beyond the laws of state and government existed the laws of the human conscience and that the state should recognize that its power comes from its people and respects them accordingly (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy).

There are obviously several other authors, thinkers and poets who have contributed extensively to this field throughout the realm of history. What they teach us and what we learn is only one of the paths that show us the true meaning of society.

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