Thesis: The Concept of Organization through Value Chain

Sample Thesis Paper

It is important to highlight that the concept of the value chain is very different from what is otherwise referred to as the business partnership (Walters & Rainbird, The demand chain as an integral component of the value chain, 2004). The value chain, in contrast to the idea of partnership, takes on a very different perspective. While the idea of partnership generally considers the central company to be working with external parties, the idea of value chain is to consider the companies, along with its partners, as one complete system that functions in coordination. This entails understanding, facilitating and sharing of roles across the constituents of the chain. Therefore, the idea of the value chain calls for more than simply cooperation but demands innovation in cooperation.

Managing a business is no more a question of effectively understanding the consumer. The equation that details the modern day business now gives just as much relevance to the organization as it does to the end user. The development of the understanding of core competencies has never had a higher relevance than it currently holds (Paladino, Bates, & Silveira, 2002). Furthermore, it has become imperative for core competencies to be realized regardless of their position in the organization’s system. This is important so that these core competencies can be brought into systematic and coordinated usage.

“The fundamental success of the value chain would depend on the mode of relationship between the members. The mode of relationship is fundamental to the design of the value chain” (Ilyas, Banwet, & Shankar, 2006).

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