Thesis: The Concept of Patriarchy

Sample Thesis Paper

The boy did not reveal any information about his father however and it was apparent that the general prevalence of patriarchy still holds strong in society (Evans, 1996). Whatever the reason for the father’s absence was, the boy was attempting to play a role that was that of his mother’s husband and it is therefore justifiable to conclude that the father was not a part of the picture. The concept of patriarchy was observed to have evolved in this case into one where the woman’s position is one that the man of the house is attempting to protect (Marshall, 2005).

The research brought forth a new perception of prostitution through which there was no doubt left in the fact that a significant cause because of which numerous forms of corruption prevail in society is the external mechanism through which poverty is channeled into slums such as these. Most of the people engaged in prostitution were observed to be ones who were not present by their own choice at all but were present in the neighborhood out of either an obligation to their families or out of the singular desperation into which they were thrust by society. The boy engaged in prostitution had lost aim of his future and was no longer in control of his life. This fact was one that brought forth another side of the entire observation. Not only is modern day society highly male dominated but is also one that does not take kindly to the weak.

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