Thesis: Concept of Physicalism

Sample Thesis Paper

Chalmers theory however is written in a much more different light. Not only does he write his book in a more casual manner that is made to be understood by the layman. He also discusses various though experiments along with different issues to get his point across.

In his book he argues against the concept of physicalism, which is explained as the view that mentality is not entirely a physical or material occurrence. He says that the feelings which are related to the physical sensations of the body cannot be quantified into any known terms and thus are not reducible by any means.

In order to supplement his argument he gives an example of zombies. These are fictional creatures that are identical to us in each and every way except these individuals lack a basic fundamental consciousness. Thus he gives the argument that the manifestations of the experiences of the physical world are not inherently dependent upon the physical realm but rather are dependent on the factor of the phenomenal consciousness. Thus, with the aspect of consciousness the zombies feel no pain.

It must be noted however that no matter how outs of this reality his theory goes. Chalmers is not an unscientific author. He does understand that the functionalism is important in this case, that the cognitive experiences of individuals are dependent upon the neuronal impulses of the body. However, according to Chalmers the conscious mind and its cognitive aspects are completely separate according to him. He says that the existence of the conscious mind is not dependent upon the physical properties.

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