Thesis: Concepts in the Nursing Metaparadigm

Sample Thesis Paper

Within the creation of all nursing theories, there is a fundamental relation to the basic concepts within the nursing metaparadigm. These concepts take into account the factors of the person, environment, health and nursing. When we speak of the person, it refers primarily to the recipient of care. This recipient may be the patient, his family or his community while the care provided may be physical, spiritual, psychological or even sociocultural. The second concept is one of environment; it encompasses all the external and internal factors which persuade the individual. The health concept regards the level of health or illness which defines the individual’s current condition. The final concept of nursing defines the actions, quality and features of the person providing care.

When we consider the concept of Person being defined by the Autistic Compassion theory the recipient of care involves women who have given birth to autistic children, with the children being at various stages of their development. Having such children requires a level of care which may cause the mother to neglect her own health and thus endanger the health of the child. In this case each differing situation may require different standards of care as needed.

In terms of environment it is important to provide an atmosphere where these women can receive the care they require without being subjected to any form of pressure in any shape or form. It is important to allow the women in all three forms to be provided and judgement free environment where they may be allowed to make their own decisions and feel comfortable.

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