Thesis: Concerns Regarding Outsourcing IT Services

Sample Thesis Paper

My only concern to outsourcing comes from the fact that when outsourcing IT services, most employers focus on finding the right company for the job. While this is important, there are bigger issues to address. With concerns like increasing computer crimes and growing government control over business practices and protection of private information, the real focus should first be on whether or not outsourcing IT services is even a viable option given the associated security risks.
Whether you’re hiring a third-party for desktop support, security testing or network monitoring, the more eyes and hands you have on your electronic assets the greater the risk of something bad happening. The potential for loss increases given the seemingly endless amount of data stored on so many different computers. While most IT consultants are trustworthy and responsible, some aren’t. Seemingly not so bad people are doing bad things on computers all the time – and often the company who hired them doesn’t even realize it. One of the critical issues in outsourcing is the safeguarding of uniquely confidential information. The outsourcing contract between Swiss Bank Corp. and Perot Systems solved this problem admirably. The bank retained all of the input and output processing within the bank, while Perot Systems handled only encrypted data, without ever having access to the encryption keys. Swiss Bank gave up nothing of importance, because it had reserved to itself all options and privileges. It had not yielded any of its essential managerial functions. (Strassmann,1998)

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