Thesis: Concrete Case Studies

Perrons uses concrete case studies that make her work comparable to conceptual tools with high abstraction levels. The case studies are distributed all over the book to show evidenced of her work. She proves that her work is based on researches rather than assumptions. The fact that she proposes other readings, movies and websites make the work fit in any globalization issue. This is a proof that her work is well researched and therefore, the arguments are based on a strong base.

Even though, globalization is a complicated issue, Perrons does not view it as such. She argues that the political governments with the help of several bodies, non-governmental, regional and social, can help fight the evils associated with it. Through her book, it is shown that it is not impossible to deal with globalization. The intervention of a number of political bodies, any country can come up with ways that will help it deal with globalization and help the country grow economically. These ways should be compatible with the social and environmental setting of the country in question. She argues that the global powers influence a nation such that the powers ‚Äúpotentially threaten individual and social sustainability‚ÄĚ (Perrons, 2004, p. 239) implying that the individuals and social groups are not included in the decision making process.

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