Thesis: Conducting communal activities (cleanup, sports or visits to hospitals and nursing homes)

On Thursdays, the community comes together to carry out communal activities such as cleanup, sports or visits to hospitals and nursing homes. Al these initiatives were initiated by the Episcopal Church for creating a community driven by a common goal and that is the equality of each member regardless of their financial or social status. Personally, these activities made me realize that every citizen has a vocation and role to play in ensuring the continued and sustained growth of one’s community.

The church had helped me understand that every contribution one makes towards the betterment of the community is a display that in any setting of living, a positive input or contribution is vital in maintaining the self-drive and sustenance of the community. Earlier on, I would have readily agreed that the residents of Pine Ridge could do nothing much than wait for aid from well-wishers but the church did a great job in making me realize that the first step towards poverty eradication begins with the community.

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