Thesis: Congo Crisis Scenario

Sample Thesis Paper

The power transition theory can be observed in play in the Congo Crisis scenario. When the Belgian government chose to give way to Congolese representatives in the government, the scales tipped towards a balance which, in accordance with the principles of the Power transition theory, brought the state closer to internal war (Kriesberg, 2007, p. 212). Also, it was the weaker parties that came forth as the primary aggressor against the Belgian Government. Also, power transition came forth as a result of the volatility of the political influence in the country which serves to further qualify the scenario for subjection to the Power transition theory.

The state chose to exercise preventive war by prohibiting political party leaders from meeting with each other when the political parties began to develop momentum in 1959. Thus, it is evident that the state feared the development of this momentum. The attempts to develop an equality of power and the simultaneous presence of tendencies towards a change in power led to the generation of instabilities amongst conflicting sides (Crocker, Hampson, & Aall, 2007, p. 27).

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