Thesis: Congo Independence Crisis

Sample Thesis Paper

The zero-sum concept can also be perceived in this scenario since the region of Katanga came forth in the conflict since the leadership in Katanga it considered itself to be in a zero-sum position. This comes as no surprise if one was to make use of FART and consider the sequence of events in terms of hindsight. “During periods of stagnation or decline, struggles tend to be viewed as zero-sum and waged by each side to maximize its share of a constant or shrinking pie” (Kriesberg, 2007, p. 307).
It is evident from the above discussion that the Congo Crisis was one that took place amidst numerous complications and that numerous theories come into play in the same regard. The Congo Independence crisis took place as a result of the instability caused by numerous parties simultaneously stipulating that their demands be met in an already extensively volatile environment. We can also surmise that the Congo Independence crisis serves as an example of the manner in which a situation goes out of control and the sequence of events deviates from what is expected as a result of increased tensions and underestimated underlying motivations towards the achievement of objectives.

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