Thesis: Consciousness: Searle vs. Chalmers Viewpoint

Sample Thesis Paper

John Rogers Searle is an American Philosopher and current Professor teaching the Mind and Language of philosophy at the University of California in Berkley. David John Chalmers is an American Philosopher who specializes in the area which explores the philosophy of the mind. He is the professor of the Philosophy and Director of the centre of consciousness at the Australian National University.

These two prolific writers are some of the greatest minds in the realm of philosophy today. However, what are notable are their differing views regarding the mind body problem, meaning how people should view the connection between physical behavior and conscious events. This paper will consider the two viewpoints of both authors using the books the mystery of consciousness by John Searle and the Conscious Mind: In search of the fundamental by David Chalmers ending with showing how Chalmers view of consciousness is more relevant.

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