Thesis: Consequences of Spanking Children

Sample Thesis Paper

Over time, the consequences of spanking children have become much clearer than they were ever before. If a perception regarding the spanking of children was to be developed, it would come out to be more than clear that the act of spanking a child has more than long term consequences (Kim). Rather, the fact of the matter is, that a spanking that is dealt out to a child can be expected to show outcomes not merely at stages in the child’s life soon after the spanking, but also later on in the child’s life when the subject is no longer a child but has grown up into a mature adult.

Now the general perception that prevails is the children should not be spanked under any condition in light of the traumatic consequences that the spanking can have. It is perhaps for the same reason that there are mountains of legislation and immeasurable spans of government mechanisms that have been designed to prevent children from being spanked and are designed to extract children from any such situation where they can be spanked and harmed physically. The opinion of this paper however, is that the term spanking is rather broad and that in the modern day world where competition in almost all the fields of life has reached precarious heights, it would be foolish to raise a child without preparing the child for the extreme degrees of harshness to which the child will be exposed to when the child becomes an adult.

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