Thesis: Constituents of the Articles of the Confederation

Sample Thesis Paper

The second article gives executive powers to the president. The third cites the federal judicial powers including the power to prosecute for federal crimes. The fourth speaks of the relationship between the federal government and other states. It protects the rights of members of different states and allows congress to regulate the manner in which public acts, records and court proceedings are admitted. It also protects citizens from all states as well as laying down the freedom of movement clause.

It also gives congress authority to dispose of federal property and to govern non-state territories of the United States and guarantees a republican form of government and to protect the state from invasion and violence. Article five speaks of any amendments in the constitution and says that the constitution can only be amended by ratification of three-fourths of the states. The Sixth establishes the laws and treaties of the constitution to be the supreme law of every state. Article seven sets the requirements of ratification of the constitution which stated that it could not be ratified until at least nine states did so and the convention would only apply to those states that ratified it.

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