Thesis: The Consumer Part of the Value Chain

Sample Thesis Paper

One of the most commonly found errors in the analysis of the value chain is to ignore the consumer as a part of the value chain. In essence, the consumer holds a considerable degree of control over the decisions made by the organization with regard to the value chain (Greg Hearn & Blakey, 2007). Therefore, the value chain is almost always under the consumer’s indirect control. The consumer’s influences the determination of the specific areas of the value chain that are considered to be of primary relevance in the augmentation of value for the product. This creation of value from the customer’s end is one that is not limited to the customer’s presence at the end of the value chain following the release of the finished product, but is a process in which the customer can contribute to differing parts of the value chain.


The mere presence of consumer as an integral part of the value chain serves to show how an effectively and efficiently working value chain functions without relying on industrial boundaries to define its limits.

Apart from the areas highlighted above, there are other areas also that should be kept in consideration there are numerous factors that should be regarded as contributors to the determination of the eventual productivity of the value chain as well (Greg Hearn & Blakey, 2007). These include the addressing of the value chain as a solely linear chain; which is a common error in cases where the value chain is subjected to a functional analysis.

Organizations need to give due importance to other external variables and factors that may have an influence on the value chain. Factors such as these can include “important enablers, catalysts or context setters for the chain” (Greg Hearn & Blakey, 2007). Another important factor is the association of relevance to the contributors of actual value. It is common to find cases in which the augmentation of value is taken to be limited to the production in question.

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