Thesis: The Uses of ContactHero Software

Sample Thesis Paper

However, it is imperative to note that the use of the application will also serve to bring about a strong need for the professionals to exercise caution about the degree of accessibility that they provide to other to their address book (The VDG Group, 2009). The use of ContactHero will also serve to create a scenario where the professionals will have to frequently generate backup copies since a loss or corruption of data can be expected to have a high degree of collateral damage if there is no contingency plan to reacquire the address book contacts from.

ContactHero will also allow the professionals to develop contact histories constituting time stamped notes, messages and messages, hence allowing an increased degree of self-monitoring to be carried out. Most of the options in the application are based on the drag-and-drop technique of functioning while others seek to perform desired operations through the minimal possible number of steps. This attribute of the software can be expected to facilitate other time-saving measures through the organization.

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