Thesis: Continue advertising during Recession

Sample Thesis Paper

Another thing that should be done is to maintain advertising. The rationale is very simple because the competitors would be backed off and they would be cutting off their advertising budget the media would be open for the organization and proper time would be given on their advertising. Studies also shows that brands that increase their advertising during recession can enhance their market share rather than in good times. Psychologically also the consumers are uncertain in times of recession and a reassuring advertising campaign would uplift their morale to start spending.  Favorable rates for advertising can also be achieved because of the lack of competition in advertising (Quelch 2007).

Adjusting product portfolio

The organization should revise their products as for which one is getting much attention by the consumers. Products that are multipurpose are preferred by the consumers (Quelch 2007).

Lowering extra budget

Organizations should take the approach in this regard of their personal life. In the time of recession organizations should look around and decide for what counts is and is not essential. While designing strategies to counter recession managers should ask themselves a simple question what would I have done if my personal income would have dropped? The answer to this question is fairly simple you would have given a hard look at your expenses and cut it down to the most essential ones (Young 2009).

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