Thesis: Continued Changes in Health Industry

With the continued changes in health industry and the growth in science and technology that contributes to the rise in healthcare costs, allied work force will continue to be needed in large numbers. According to the World Health Organization, there is currently a shortage of about two million allied healthcare workers in the world. Allied health professionals are diverse and the number keeps on growing. The group is sometimes referred to as health professionals or health associate professionals depending on the skill level acquired.

Many people practicing these professions consider allied healthcare jobs as career ladder jobs because of the opportunities for advancing in specific fields. Workers must proof their skills often through degrees, diplomas continuing education and certified credentials although some of them do not require credentials but are rather trained by their employers through on the job training. Specialized healthcare workers however, must adhere to national training and education standards to proof their skills. Examples of some of the skills used by allied health professional include basic life support, interpersonal skills normally used in counseling services, interviewing skills normally used by paramedics and many others.

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