Thesis: Contrast between Australian and Islamic Laws

Sample Thesis Paper

As Islamic law has evolved over time, other legal bodies have also matured into considerably stable forms and this creates a complicated scenario when attempts are made to integrate the somewhat traditional and conservative Islamic law into modern day Australian law. The area in which the Australian legal system becomes questionable is when it is considered for its legitimacy as one that supports the modern day Australian social system .
The complication arises in the fact that while the interpretation of laws as considered by Australian judges in court has changed over time, the actual laws have remained the same. By doing so, the entire Australian legal system becomes an equation influenced heavily by what Judges consider correct and incorrect. In sharp contrast, the law of Islam chooses to continuously refer back to religious teachings in order to customize its adaptations to modern times in accordance with those religious teachings. In this regard, while this puts complete authority in the fundamental roots of Islamic law, it allows the evolving Islamic law to comprehend law in the context of the prevailing socio-cultural scenario as dictated by the state .

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