Thesis: Contributions of Beatles

Sample Thesis Paper

Apart from this the greatest contribution of the Beatles is that they along with their producer George martin removed the old-fashioned 4-track recording technique and established the high track recording technique which was never experimented before.

According to Music History Ph. D., author of numerous books, journal articles, book reviews and Assistant Professor of Music History & Culture, Syracuse University, Theo Cateforis im 2007, “producer George Martin was instrumental in the group’s development and success, especially after the Beatles ceased touring in 1966 and became solely studio recording artists. Martin not only worked with the Beatles on all their arrangement, but he also performed crucial keyboard lines on songs like In My Life and many others” (Cateforis, 2007).

This recording technique is still in use and it was a major development in sound recording. Before this innovation recording was done on a performed tape but the Beatles made it possible to record each sound differently and later on combined it into one format. They were the first to introduce the backward tracking on a song by them named Rain.

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