Thesis: Control of Jerusalem by Israel

Sample Thesis Paper

Today there are several issues which are still in dispute over both sides that have yet to be resolved. One of these issues is the control of Jerusalem by Israel. Both sides consider this city to be a holy place in their religion and lay claim to it. Additionally both sides have grave concerns over their populations who live under the control of the other side. Another issue is the number of Palestinian refugees who have been expelled from Israel since its creation. Their return to the Jewish is not warranted by the Israeli government who denies them citizenship. There are also concerns about the settlements of Israelis in the west bank which infringes on Palestinian territory. There are concerns about resources such as water and gas. There is also a concern about the continued attacks from both sides which causes casualties among the civilian population.

On the ground there have been reports about the societal attitudes of both the Palestinian and Israeli populations which say that certain Palestinian leaders do not accept Israel and want to incite violence against it and certain Israeli leaders cannot accept the reality of the Palestinians and have defended the attacks against them.

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