Thesis: Control of Pollution Act

Sample Thesis Paper

The first truly well thought out waste legislation came during the 1970s which not only addressed the continuing problem of chemical waste but also provided waste and safety guidelines. It also spoke about its effects on the environment and the increasing depletion of resources. In 1974 this concern leads to the Control of Pollution Act which set up a more controlled waste disposal system and guidelines for the regulation of sites. The increased production of waste by the construction boom causes 1 million tonnes of illegally deposited waste around London. This eventually leads to the Environmental Protection Act in 1990.

This act replaced the 1974 Act with a new waste control system that covers all controlled wastes and also implores authorities to reconsider their recycling strategies. This was supplemented by the Duty of Care Act and the establishment of the environmental agency. In 1996 they set a target to recycle 25% of all household waste by the year 2000.

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 or the EPA 1990 was released by the parliament of the United Kingdom and provided the essential method and legislation for waste management and control of waste impact on the environment in terms of emissions (Waste Online 2004).

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