Thesis: Coordinated Storage of Data

Sample Thesis Paper

Even if data warehousing were to be considered in the layman’s sense of the word, data warehousing incorporates the simultaneous and coordinated storage of massive volumes of different types of data. By implementing data warehousing, the organization is able to save resources. The essence of data warehousing is the automation that it brings about (Hobbs, Hillson, Lawande and Smith 2005). The software implemented handles almost every need of the modern day organization when considered with regard to the storage, retrieval and analysis of data. This involves actions as minor as simply accessing data from a remote location to retrieving data in a form so that it can be compared and inferences can be derived for immediate decision making.
Contribution to the Decision Making Process

The decision making processes of an organization are supported by data warehousing by providing a historical and almost chronological picture of the activities of an organization. Activities here does not simply refer to the inventory inflows/outflows or net sales or other such elements; it refers to almost every single action that the organization has carried out (Rob, Coronel and Crockett 2008). In this regard, a data warehousing software can be considered to be a massive self-managing organization level log book that can be accessed with ease to establish patterns, internal trends, strengths and weaknesses.

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