Thesis: Corporate Social Responsibility

Sample Thesis Paper

Corporate social responsibility or CSR can provide organizations with benefits many benefits especially in relation to their working environments. CSR is the ideal of turning an organization into a citizen within the community it is working in, by making a concerted effort to commit services to their environment.

Organizational commitment is seen as a vital tool in the achievement of an effective CSR plan within the organizational structure and culture as well as the local community (Stanwick, 2005). When looking at CSR it is important to different the different approaches of social activities as either internal or external. Internal activities involve all social responsibility actions directed towards the organization and its staff which aim at gaining job satisfaction, reduced turnover ratios and increase in job involvement. CSR is also directed to external structures of the organization, where the organization directs activities to the community and stakeholders to maximise profits, prevent harm to communities and corporate as a citizen.

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