Thesis: Corporate Social Responsibility in Different Economies

Sample Thesis Paper

Problems and issues (General information) with examples

Corporate Social Responsibility may be a form of societal marketing in which modern day organizations are choosing to engage in rapidly. However, there is no rule-of-thumb that organizations can make use of since the sizes and natures of economies have been known to have serious implications upon Corporate Social Responsibility strategies.

An implementation of a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy in a developed consumer market may yield different results when compared to the results that would be acquired in the event that the same Corporate Social Responsibility strategy was used in an underdeveloped or an emerging market. In this regard, it becomes imperative to adequately judge consumer perceptions in an economy before a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy can be launched and exercised.

Aims and objectives:

The objective of the dissertation is to acquire a clear perception of Corporate Social Responsibility as it is influenced by consumers in differing economies.

Thesis Statement

Consumer perceptions of organizations in developed and developing economies vary significantly and this difference between different types of economies causes a significant degree of influence on Corporate Social Responsibility practices.

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