Thesis: Corporate social responsibility in the Qatar Economy

Sample Thesis Paper

The concept of Corporate social responsibility is one that comes as a novel concept to middle east since a very brief span of time has passed since the middle east was introduced to the idea and practices of Corporate social responsibility when considered in comparison of the expansive breadth of time that the UK markets have been making use of it. However, it is a concept that is being realized readily and swiftly since organizations in Qatar are beginning to take on initiatives to exercise corporate social responsibility strategies more actively now than they ever did before. It is taken as an opportunity to actively engage in the improvement of living standards and the development of awareness for corporate citizenship. It has led to a spur of measures and actions taken for the sake of the development of the consumers.

An example can be found in the recent move by Qatar Airways in its flight from London to Doha that was made to fly on fuel derived from natural gas (Qatar Airways 2009). The attempt highlights a symbolic resolution on the part of organizations in Qatar to develop a clear perception across consumers of the increasing level of awareness towards corporate social responsibility that is steadily being integrated into the corporate culture. Qatar Airways is already known as a market leader in its industry and the attempt to come forth and take an initiative can be inferred to be the growth of a trend across organizations to increase their engagement in corporate social responsibility measures in order to contribute to the development of society (Qatar Airways 2009).

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