Thesis: Corporate Social Responsibility

Sample Thesis Paper


Corporate Social Responsibility is also often referred to as corporate citizenship and is classified as a responsible business practice. This is because of the fact that Corporate Social Responsibility serves as an internally placed system that seeks to modify the perception that consumers have about the subject organization. Generally Corporate Social Responsibility is exercised by active engagement in measures that promote the social well-being of the society. It is for the same reason that the exercising of Corporate Social Responsibility is often considered to be an example of adherence to Business Ethics principles and is encouraged by governments and ethics institutions.

The essence of Corporate Social Responsibility therefore comes forth in the perusal of public interest on the part of commercial organizations. By doing so, organizations aim to develop good will through which they can acquire profits in the long run. “The entirety of CSR can be discerned from the three words contained within its title phrase: ‘corporate,’ ‘social,’ and ‘responsibility.’ Therefore, in broad terms, CSR covers the responsibilities corporations (or other for-profit organizations) have to the societies within which they are based and operate. More specifically, CSR involves a business identifying its stakeholder groups and incorporating their needs and values within the strategic and day-to-day decision-making process. Therefore, a business’ ‘society’ within which it operates, which defines the number of stakeholders to which the organization has a ‘responsibility,’ may be broad or narrow depending on the industry in which the firm operates and its perspective” (Univesity of Miami – Ethics Program 2005).

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