Thesis: Cost of Transportation

Sample Thesis Paper

Factors such as these are present in even the most basic forms of transport and it is therefore inevitable for an economy to consider these elements when taking note of its standing. If the cost of transportation becomes too high for an economy, it is common to see instances where cutbacks are put into place in order to compensate for the costs of transport.

Transportation cost is perhaps one of the areas that are considered as the primary outflows of resources. More than often, businesses are not established because of the fact that the transportation costs that are required to run the business make the returns from the business highly unproductive. It is perhaps for the same reason that governments encourage that anybody planning to establish one or the other form of business that incorporates one or the other form of transport considers decreasing transportation costs as much as possible by implementing measures such as just-in-time delivery and outsourcing techniques (RAND Corporation, 2009). By measures such as these, the carrying out of transportation operations serves to increase employment rates as well as allow businesses to carry out profitable business operations.

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