Thesis: How to create a peaceful and progressive society

Sample Thesis Paper

A very tangible effect of reducing hate crimes would be the actual reduction in jail inmates leading to lower burden on tax payers while at the same time increasing productivity of society as a whole.

Indirectly a society that does not believe in hate crimes will usually be seen as a much more peaceful and progressive society. With lower levels of violent and non violent crimes these societies are usually far more progressive then those who live with the destructive consequences of hate crimes. These societies and countries are far more accepting and learn to adapt and embrace people from different strata’s of life.

Also countries that have shown low levels of hate crime and have grown to accept people, in today’s world are generally considered as safe and have a better standard of living. Indirectly these societies help in promoting tourism and trade with other countries, which in turn helps in economic improvement at the macro and micro level, thus once again leading to betterment in people’s lives.

Open-mindedness and tolerance are qualities that just might turn our worlds around. Countries would become stronger not on the back of military might but on progressive thinking, human and economic development. At the end of the day one must remember that after race, gender, or color man is just a simple human being, not superior in any way or form to the person next door or from the person half way across the world.

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