Thesis: Creating Drugs for the Treatment of Obesity

Sample Thesis Paper

The second alternative is funding towards obesity related cures, especially in the form of drugs. While it is true that the prospect and idea of creating drugs for the treatment of obesity is not new. Past researches into the development of such products have not been successful. However, there have been notable successes in other methods employed, such as that of gastric bypass surgery. The recent findings which show the existence of the obesity gene, along with advancements in medical technology, should allow the creation of a solution with long term potential.

The problem with such a solution lies in it long term efficiency. Questions of the efficacy of diet pills and weight loss instruments in the market have been pervasive for years. Questions regarding not only the effectiveness, but also the moral standing of any weight loss regimen released by the government will be raised and debated. It is also important to consider the long term risks and benefits of any product which is released into the market, will not be known to the general public for years. For example, the potential side effects of gastric bypass surgery have just now begun to come to light, more than ten years after its inception. There is an inherent assumption in society that obese people simply do not want to lose weight. While such considerations are of course untrue, they do give greater credence to this form of cure.

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