Thesis: Creating Environmental Standards

Sample Thesis Paper

There are also new guidelines that are being passed down from the government which are compiled under the Site Waste management plans. This template is geared towards creating environmental standards that go far beyond the regulations that exist in legislation in the realms of housing and civil construction projects. The template is in 14 steps and encompasses instructions that run from pre design to the final review after completion.

It is designed to not only fit into any existing procedures set by the company but it also allow authorized company personal to make decisions to minimize the waste that is produced and also create an environment where they can reuse waste more efficiently and reduce the amount that is going to landfills (Waste and Resources Action Program 2008) ( 2008). The Waste and Resources Action Program has estimated that current trends are leading to 13 million tons of fresh material being thrown away every year. A news story said that the Graham Company was one of the first companies to half the amount of waste that is taken to landfills by 2012. According to statistics nearly I million tonnes of construction waste end up in landfills in Northern Ireland (Irish Industry News 2009).

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