Thesis: Credit Card Frauds in UK

Sample Thesis Paper

In an effort to combat the effects of these risks, other organizations have also realized the importance of making headway into this problem. According to statistics Credit Card fraud losses in the UK rose by 37% in 2007 costing more than half of the 535 million pounds in loses due to fraud. In order to combat this Adventity and FMT worldwide have joined their resources to find a solution to combat this ever growing problem (Nath, 2008). Additionally, in an effort to combat internet banking fraud Banks in Hong Kong have also employed the two factor authentication system in an effort to safeguard the information and transaction of 2.7 million of its online customers (The Asian Banker, 2005). The European parliament has also recognized the importance of security in internet transactions and has urged the need to resolve issues related to e-commerce (European Parliament Press Release, 2009).

Aside from the ones which are mentioned above, another issue which is fast coming into the limelight with the increasing spread of e-commerce regards the legality of trading items across borders since technically such items cannot be or have not been taxed by any governmental bodies.

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