Thesis: Crimes Occur After Harm is Done

Crimes occur after harm is done to a person or property.  The court judgment given should rhyme with the degree of the harm. A criminal who knocks a person on the head to death is charged with murder while another criminal who knocks a person to unconsciousness is charged with battery. Infancy is another factor as children younger than seven years should not be charged with any crime.

Offenders with insane mind cannot be convicted of their crime. The case of fact is the one in which a person mistakenly picks another person’s property, for instance, when a worker mistakenly picks on another workers briefcase as they go home, mistaking it to be his. Necessity is the case in which one has to do something in order to help him achieve a certain objective but ends up committing a crime. For instance, taking beer in order to inform somebody of a serious matter but, ends up causing an accident. Other mens era defense arguments are duress, self-defense, and entrapment. The defenses given as a result of” Mens rea” give offenders crutches to deny responsibility because they most of the times favor the criminals.

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