Thesis: Criterion Referenced Tests

Instructional designers use tests to determine whether the set goals have been achieved. Entry behavior tests are given to learners before the start of instructions to test on the prerequisite skills mastery by the learners. Prerequisite skills are the ones appearing below the dotted line drawn on the instructional analysis. Presence of entry behavior requires a pretest to confirm if they are genuinely entry behaviors. Entry behavior tests are used to test the readiness of the learners to begin the instructions (Dick, Carey & Carey, 2008).

Pretest is done to determine the extent to which the skills in the instructional analysis have been mastered. If in the tests, it is evidenced that they have mastered the skills, then, there is no need of much instruction. However, lack of skills calls for in-depth instructions to ensure that the required skills are attained.  Through this test, the skills the learners are familiar with, are determined.

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