Thesis: Critical analysis

Perrons has passed her main concept across through her work as she has calculated her moves strategically. Even though, her audience is not stated, her descriptions make it possible to decide on the best audience easily. In addition, she works on an issue, which has been dealt with repeatedly, but this does not make her book a lesser work. The book uses a progressive and realistic tone making it out in literature. Her tone makes her book very different from the others, which use sterile discourses represented by humming utopian radicals and exhilarated neo-liberals. This tone is evidenced in every part of the book and this makes it outweigh other books that discuss the same chapter. She starts every chapter with a very touching question that makes the reader encouraged to implement any course of action proposed.

She starts chapter nine “Globalization, Participation and Empowerment” by asking “How do individuals, organizations and social movements gain influence over their immediate living and working environments or places within the global economy and in what circumstances do those in power allow and indeed encourage decentralization of decision making and greater involvement?” (Perrons, 2004, p.

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