Thesis: Critical Consciousness

Sample Thesis Paper

The second concept is known as critical consciousness; this model refers to the collective efforts of teachers and students to increase awareness and bring change to ideas formed from our social constructs. The traditional method of teaching is known as consciousness raising which refers to an active teacher imparting knowledge upon a passive student. However, in critical consciousness both parties play an active role to bring change to their understanding of contemporary narratives (Kincheloe & Horn, 2008 p. 756-761).

The third and final concept is known as student centered dialogue and is closely connected to critical consciousness. Once again this concept is directed towards moving away from the monologue method of teaching and allowing students and teachers to be active participants in discussions. The difference between the two concepts lies in the fact that while critical consciousness is mainly centered towards expanding ones understanding by bringing new perspectives to existing social thought processes. Student centered dialogue creates an environment where through dialogue students can create a greater understanding of existing concepts within the socio cultural constructs and implement them into their own experiences (Palincsar, 1998). This allows the students to not only be members of society, but also gives them a perspective on the history of these social constructs which allows them to bring about some form of change (Kincheloe & Horn, 2008 p. 756-761).

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