Thesis: Critical success factors of ERP system

Sample Thesis Paper

Top Management commitment

A review of ERP literature by researchers (Akkermans & Helden, 2002; Huang et al., 2004) indicate that top management commitment is the most important critical success factor of ERP implementation. Top management support is important in accomplishing the project objectives and aligning these goals with strategic business goals (Sumner, 2000). The management team needs to constantly monitor the progress of the project and provide direction to the implementation teams (Bingi et al., 1999, Al-Mashari et al., 2003). They are also responsible for harnessing the energy and creativity of employees, for enabling the business to perform concepts such as BPM and for exploiting the technology capabilities of an ERP system (Al-Mashari et al., 2003).

Umble et al.(2003) & Ho et al.(2004) suggest that the implementation project should have an executive management planning committee that is committed to enterprise integration, understands ERP, fully supports the costs, demands payback, and champions the project. Laughlin (1999)

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