Thesis: CRM Strategies of Dell

Sample Thesis Paper

Another aspect in which Dell exercises its CRM strategy is through the fact that it initiates every transaction with the customer by initially acquiring information about the consumer’s preferences. While computer sales before Dell were carried out through retail outlets and electronic stores where consumers had the option of selecting from a range of available computer systems, Dell customized its operations to consumer preference by establishing phone based customer support services through which it provided customers with need-specific support and assistance (Klinker, Terrell, & Mahfouz, 2006).

In order to successfully accomplish the implementation of this CRM strategy, it was imperative for Dell to develop a delivery system through which it could ensure timely deliveries to consumers. In order to do so, Dell developed a highly sophisticated SCM system. The purpose of the development of this SCM system in integration with the CRM strategy was to develop and take advantage of a competitive edge.

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